Why Small Groups?


Friday Night Devotional by Matt Ng, 11/20/2015

If you’ve been at Grace on Campus for any length of time, you probably know that one of our primary means of ministry is small groups. But why exactly do we have small groups? Here are three reasons why we believe small groups are beneficial for our ministry:

  • Small groups facilitate Bible study and accountability.

College is ordinarily a season in life that encourages individual success and lends itself to spiritual idleness. As such, small groups offer structure that is helpful for this stage in life. Small groups help us to make time to meet together face to face, study the Word of God, and come alongside each other in the pursuit of Christlikeness.

  • Small groups fulfill a practical need.

God has tremendously blessed our Bible study over the years, both in spiritual and numerical growth. This means that there are a lot of people for the leadership to teach, disciple, and care for! One of the benefits of small groups is that it gives the opportunity for Chris and the staff to disciple and delegate spiritual leadership to qualified student leaders, who can in turn lead enough small groups for everyone to benefit.

  • Small groups cultivate a culture of selfless discipleship.

Naturally, we are most comfortable with a form of discipleship that caters to our preferences, personality, or schedule. Small groups, however, place us into a commitment that teaches us to practice the “one-anothers” of the New Testament—to love, serve, rebuke, bear the burdens of, and forgive others, even if its not comfortable or convenient. Small groups teach us the reality that discipleship relationships aren’t about our preferences; they’re about the building up of others in the body of Christ.

May we faithfully and selflessly commit to build each other up in Christ through small groups this year!


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