Firm Convictions


Friday Night Devotional by Will Chen, 4/15/16

Truth is objective. We believe this wholeheartedly as Christians. The Word of God is intrinsically true and needs no additional validation for its veracity. We must have this conviction as we are inundated with worldly opinions, especially at a college campus. But how is it that truth actually affects our lives? Is it enough to know bible verses, doctrine, and theology? Is the sum of the Christian life simply knowing about the objective truths of Scripture?

I think we all have some idea that the Christian life isn’t just about knowing truth, it’s about living and experiencing the truth of God’s Word. All too often we short circuit our convictions by simply settling for knowing doctrine. But believing firmly in truth should be our pursuit. 1 Thess 1:5 speaks of the Thessalonian believers receiving the gospel “in power, and in the Holy Spirit, and with full conviction”. In other words, these believers truly believed the gospel and the roots of their belief ran deep. As growing Christians, we should view every truth we learn from Gods Word with this kind of reception. We seek to believe it with full conviction and deep certainty. We bathe in prayer until Gods Word has genuinely affected us and we truly believe in it. We must know but we must also believe what we know with sincerity. And from believing, loving and marveling at Gods Word.




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