Songs from Friday, 10/28/16


Week 5

Opening: Give Us Clean Hands

Son of God

I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous)

Be Thou My Vision

Power of the Cross 

Song of Response: In Christ Alone


An Exhortation to Kindness


written by Olivia Chen 

Each day, we come in contact with so many people. At school or in the workplace, we see fellow students, professors, or coworkers. With the mundane tasks of life—grocery shopping, grabbing your morning coffee, eating in the dining halls—we encounter check-out clerks, baristas, and food servers. Most of the people we encounter end up passing in and out of our lives without more than a single “hello” or an awkward moment of eye contact.  

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Testimony of the Week: Emily Chois


Emily is a 4th year Phy Sci major who likes human bio and talking to people. A few of her hobbies include cafe hopping, being in awe of God’s created nature and being a foodie.

Like many, I grew up in the Christian church and was taught the basic foundations of Christianity – namely, the Bible is true, and Jesus Christ came down from heaven to die on a cross for your sins. Likewise, the same Bible stories, games, and memory verse competitions were super fun, so my curiosity to understand who Jesus Christ was grew. That is…until I realized that all of my questions were answered with, “read the Bible and pray”. How lame was that? You mean to tell me that all of life can be summed up in those five words? Reluctantly, I continued going to church throughout middle school because I knew it was somehow the right thing to do. Though reluctant, my heart was still sure that there was more to God than church on Sunday mornings and youth group on Friday evenings. Around 7th grade, I attended my first major Christian conferences where I, for the very first time, saw people who were radically different than anyone I had ever seen. Their faces were lit with smiles, their worship full of raised hands, hearts full of sorrow yet full of joy. Now, THIS is what I’ve been looking for. My mind left those conferences full of questions – what is so different about these Christians? How can they be so full of emotion for the Lord? What key am I missing? In middle school, one of my older brothers was attending UCLA GOC and brought home a MacArthur study bible for me. With that, he also gave me MacArthur’s sermon on Matthew 7:21. It reads,

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An Offering Far Too Small


written by Chris Gee

If you had thirty seconds to open up the Bible and show someone what it says about the greatness of God, where would you take them?

There are certainly many places in Scripture you could go, but one really good choice would be Isaiah 40. This monumental chapter speaks of how God holds all the water of the Earth in the palm of His hand (v. 12), how entire nations are like a drop in a bucket compared to Him (v. 15), and how He created the stars and calls them by name (v. 26). There’s also this lesser known verse: “Even Lebanon is not enough to burn, nor its beasts enough for a burnt offering” (v. 16).

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