Testimony of the Week: Christy Nishinaga


Christy has been at GOC since her sophomore year of college, and currently serves on staff with her husband, Kevin. She works in human resources, and enjoys food adventures, board games, and Jane Austen movie marathons.

By God’s grace, I grew up in a strong Christian family, and thanks to the faithful teaching of my parents, pastors, and Sunday school teachers, I have known the Gospel message for as long as I can remember. I knew I was a sinner, unable to save myself and in need of God’s forgiveness, which was offered to me as a free gift through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, while I believed this intellectually, and wanted to be saved, I had a hard time understanding what “saving faith” meant. I was a model church kid, but my good behavior was mostly external, done out of pride and the fear of man.

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Testimony of the Week: Rebecca Yang


Rebecca is a fourth year Biology major graduating this quarter (woop!) and pursuing physical therapy. In addition to Jesus, she loves long runs, hiking, British accents, B-plate, dessert, and talking to people—so come say hi!

If you did not know already, I was born into a non-Christian home in Taiwan and immigrated to America when I was 2. I grew up in San Jose with my grandparents taking care of me and my siblings because my mom was always working and my dad worked in Taiwan. I was never exposed to the gospel or God. I had some conception of right and wrong, but I lived with a greater focus on the latter. I engaged in petty shoplifting and cheated on tests throughout elementary school and middle school. I felt that I needed to compromise my academic integrity to please my parents and meet their standards. I understood, to a certain extent, why they wanted us to work hard in school since we all immigrated to America. Once I entered high school, however, I felt compelled to live my life with integrity and gave up cheating and stopped shoplifting. But other sins began to manifest. I worshipped the boyfriends I had, my academic achievements, my officer positions, and my successes in running. Though I experienced disappointment when my relationships failed me, I was fairly content with life. During high school, I went to church a few times primarily to socialize with people. I did not give any thought to God or religion in my life. My dad was Buddhist, but never shared his beliefs with me.

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Gospel Priming


by Stacey Lee 

“if indeed you continue in the faith firmly established and steadfast, and not moved away from the hope of the Gospel that you have heard, which was proclaimed in all creation under heaven, and of which I, Paul, was made a minister(Colossians 1:23)

Hey GOC! Looking for a good read? I highly recommend A Gospel Primer for Christians by Milton Vincent!

This book radically changed the way that I view and live my life as a Christian. In the Gospel Primer, Milton Vincent emphasizes the importance and necessity of constantly preaching the Gospel to ourselves because the Good News of Jesus Christ is for EVERYONE. For the non-Christian and the Christian.

The Gospel is for the non-Christian, so that they may know God and be saved.

The Gospel is for the Christian because “we never graduate from the Gospel.” We need it in every aspect of our lives—for our sanctification, our conviction over sin, our evangelism. Everything.

Vincent quotes: “God did not give us His Gospel just so we could embrace it and be converted. Actually, He offers it to us every day as a gift that keeps on giving to us everything we need for life and godliness. The wise believer learns this truth early and becomes proficient in extracting available benefits by being absorbed in the Gospel, speaking it to ourselves when necessary, and by daring to reckon it true in all we do” (Introduction). 

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Testimony of the Week: Dawn Liang


Dawn is a third year neuroscience major who enjoys music, chilling, marveling at the complexities/beauty of God’s creation, and meeting people who read the GOC blog. Say hi if you see her!

Here’s a lil bit about God’s amazing grace in my life.

God presented me to parents who were new Christians, eager to grow and bring up their children to know and love Him. After moving to Sacramento, California, He provided our family with a church led by those who loved the Bible and sought to teach it correctly.

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Testimony of the Week: Albert Weng


Albert is a 4th year Biology major who enjoys drinking coffee and eating anything and everything. He is an adventurer at heart and loves a good hike or meteor shower.

I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t going to church each and every week. When I was growing up I remember getting up early on Sundays for church, and being bribed by my mom with Yu-Gi-Oh cards to go to the AWANA youth group on Friday. I memorized countless Bible verses for prizes, was known as that kid who knew the Bible stories, and was generally held as the stereotypical, obedient, example-to-all church kid. It was a close-knit community, so everyone knew everyone and as I grew up, my reputation also grew.

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