4 Things I Learned About My Singleness (After I Got Married)


written by Kelly Fung 

It hasn’t been very long since I was single and a student at UCLA. And to be honest, the thought of getting married soon after college never occurred to me until God changed the direction I thought I was going and made it very clear that I was heading towards marriage. Looking back, I realize there were areas in my single life I wish I had been a better steward of. And so, I am thankful and humbled to know that I can still learn from that period of my life. The following are not only things that I learned about my singleness, but also things I can continue to grow in now as a newly married person.

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Testimony of the Week: Davin Hau


Davin is an electrical engineer and loves work. He is terribly introverted and surprisingly talkative. He loves to observe things and blurt out lyrical references. He is kind of weird.

I was born into a Christian family and I went to Church somewhat regularly with my family in Hong Kong.  I would have said that I was a Christian, but I didn’t understand what was being preached and I didn’t like going to Church.  The whole ordeal felt like a waste of time.  Later in secondary school (high school), I learnt to skip out on Church by arriving at Church right before service ended.  I would just wait outside the building at my family’s usual meeting spot and pretend I had just walked out.  It worked out until I left for college, although I remember my mom testing me once and asked who preached that day. (Un)fortunately, I guessed correctly and my truancy remained hidden.

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Anchor in the Storm


written by Elliot Kang 

Lots of things are coming with absolute certainty. Death. The rapture of saints. Jesus’ return. A new heaven and earth. And, as Scripture promises us, suffering: “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds” (James 1:2, emphasis added). Not “if,” but “when.” So, dear believer, you may know with absolute certainty that suffering is coming. Your faith in the Lord and His promises will be tested.

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