Testimony of the Week: Jessica Kim

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Jessica is a first-year, undeclared, life science major. Jessica enjoys swimming, playing the piano, watching cooking shows, eating good food, and learning more about God through His Word.

I am very thankful for and humbled by this opportunity to share my testimony and how God is continuing to grow me by His amazing grace and love. I am so thankful for my parents, sisters, friends, mentors, small group, and other GOCers who continue to challenge and encourage me in my walk with the Lord.

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Testimony of the Week: Raymond Fung

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I grew up in a non-Christian home but was sent to a Christian school. When I was there, I was taught that in order to be right with God and not have to go to hell, I have to confess Jesus as Lord. I had no awareness of why I needed to be right with God or why I was being sent to hell, all I knew was that if I want to escape hell, I have to profess Christ. I did that in the 3rd grade but that profession did not have a lasting impact on my life. Over my childhood years, I would be rebellious towards my teachers, bully my classmates, and had no desire in learning or being a discipline student. In the midst of all my sinfulness, I still called myself a Christian.

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Testimony of the Week: Sophia Tat


Sophia c/o 2017 enjoys hearing people ramble about their interests, says “dude” way too much, and eats a surprising amount of fruit each day.

 This is a story of God’s grace from beginning to end.

God providentially placed me in a Christian household, and so I grew up going to church. Every week, I was exposed to Biblical truth – Bible stories, Bible lessons, and the gospel. This is quite the uninteresting beginning: like most church kids, I am not sure when I believed and I cannot present you with a radical, exciting transformation story.

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The Battle is Not Done, but the War is Won


written by Kyle DeGuzman 

Every believer, either new to the Faith or a seasoned veteran, knows all too well the vicious battle with sin and temptation. We have all weathered the fierce storm of fighting for minutes, hours, even days against the old self that so desires to grab us back into our former ways. And we have all tasted the bitterness of falling into sin – sometimes even the same one over and over again. We can find ourselves in the same situation and pattern of sin and be trapped in a cycle of habitual sin that we cannot seem to escape. Have you been there? Or maybe you are currently in a spiritual drought right now and feel hopeless, dejected, and discouraged to take up your sword and continue the fight. Have you been tasting defeat in your battle with the flesh? If this is true of your current state, I hope that the following may give you strength and resolve to continue your daily fight with sin and that you may find victory over the flesh through Christ who strengthens us.

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Testimony of the Week: Jireh Huang

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Jireh is a third year applied mathematics major who enjoys recreational powerlifting, studying, long walks, theology, discipleship, and finding seemingly disproportionate amounts of joy in little graces.

I was born to believing parents who homeschooled me with the desire to raise me up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. I grew up learning the content and commands of the Bible, but I processed it all as legalistic parameters, masterfully dishing out all the right things to say and conducting myself in such a manner so as to impress parents at church or earn rewards. I went to church and excelled at its activities as my only means of socializing and because even if singing praises for all eternity sounded exhausting and boring, whatever heaven was like sounded a whole lot better than hell.

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