As part of their senior gift to GOC, the Class of 2018 collected alumni-interviews to edify GOC. 

What’s a big lesson you’ve learned from life?

The Bible is important.  It is the source of truth and without it, I cannot wisely navigate the world around me.  The Bible teaches me about Christ, strengthens my soul, comforts me, teaches me wisdom, convicts me, and encourages me.  If I stop reading it, then I cut myself off from the words of life, and I would be left to the world’s influences, which wouldn’t be good.

What encouragement/advice would you give to your freshman self?

There are two pieces of advice I would give to my freshman self.  The first is to seek out wisdom. A verse I remember distinctly is Proverbs 4:7,The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.”  There is simply too much for me to learn and figure out, so I need to be constant in being humble and seeking out wisdom. One particular way I would suggest to my younger self would be to talk to older people more often and learn from their life.

The second is to form good habits.  College was one of the most significant periods of forming habits for me because I made my own decisions.  These decisions reflected what I cared about and what I was willing to commit to; in turn, they formed my habits.  I would tell my younger self to be more disciplined when it came to making decisions so that I would have good habits to rely on in the future.

What are some things you’re currently learning/growing in?

One major area I’ve been growing in is being more ready to care for people.  I’ve been part of the Joint Heirs Bible Study for close to a year now, and I’ve been tremendously blessed by the people who attend the home Bible study.  They are kind to me and are always asking how I am doing. They don’t hesitate in sharing their lives with me and the struggles that they are going through.  They made the study very comfortable for me and it didn’t take long for me to start sharing during prayer times and be more involved.

After a couple of months of joining the Bible study and enjoying the fellowship, I realized that I had been rather selfish in attending the study.  I often looked forward to Friday nights hoping to be encouraged, without making much of an effort to care for and encourage others. That was how I began to be more intentional in conversation with them, by remembering their prayer requests and worries, praying for them, and asking them about it later on in the week.

It’s taken a while for me to develop a better habit of being considerate of others, but it’s definitely something I’ve been growing in and learning a lot about from the people around me.

-Davin Hau, ’16


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