Testimony of the Week – Leo Sum


Leo is a third year civil engineering major who enjoys searing steaks, baking potatoes, boiling homemade soup, and frying crabs. Two-time participant in the Spartan Race, Leo also delights in exercising: hiking, sprint workouts, or simply jogging around the UCLA perimeter. Occasionally, he takes pleasure in hand-lettering and card-making for his friends and family.

I was raised in a family with no religious affiliation. From birth all through high school, I had heard many Old Testament stories shared in bits and pieces, but had never been exposed to the Gospel. In retrospect, I never came to doubt the existence of a God, but possessed a misconception of one. As a kid, I believed that the longer I worshipped this statue sitting in the corner of my house, whom I called God, the greater the benefits to my grades, relationships, and popularity.

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