Who is Like the Lord Our God?

This past Friday, Austin preached on Micah 1:1, particularly focusing on the details of who Micah was, where he was proclaiming God’s Word, and who he was proclaiming to. We learned about the history and geography of Israel and Judah and learned how it was applicable to the book of Micah. We also looked at the structure of the book of Micah and how there was a common theme of judgment with subsequent hope, repeating in three sections of the book. All in all, it was a quick overview of the circumstances surrounding Micah when he wrote this book which we will be studying this year.

The main highlight of Austin’s sermon was related to Micah’s name which means “Who is Like the Lord Our God?” Austin discussed how Micah was preaching to the Israelites whose responsibility was to strive to be like God, holy in all His ways. But in their sin, they had forgotten their purpose. So then came Micah who was named “who is like the Lord our God”. Micah’s name reminds Israel of their whole reason for being. 

But who IS like the Lord, our God? Is there anyone who can match the mercy, love, and compassion that the Lord has so bountifully bestowed upon us? Can we even understand how great His divine attributes are? Austin argues that we cannot even come close to comprehending just how great God’s hope is for us without first understanding God’s judgment and our sin. In our daily lives, we need to be constantly reflecting upon our sinful nature in order for us to fully understand and apply God’s love in our lives. 

10.30.2020 Fall 2020 Week Four

Timothy Ho


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