Trusting an Almighty God

If 2020 had a theme, uncertainty would definitely be a front runner. With a timely message from the passage of Genesis 3:1-7, Isaias reminded us of the consequences of not trusting God. Taking a deeper look into the fall of Adam and Eve reveals the serpent’s techniques as he leads Eve towards disobedience. 

The serpent begins his deceit through the doubting of God’s Word. Covered in verses 1 through 4, the serpent misquotes God, which leads to Eve misconstruing the commandment that God clearly explained in Gen. 2:17. With Eve lacking accuracy in God’s Word, the serpent continues his attack on God, this time through the doubting of the creator’s character. In verse 5, Satan poses the idea that God is a deceiver himself, withholding godly knowledge from Adam and Eve. As the spiral of doubt continues, verse 6 describes Eve losing trust in God’s wisdom and leaning on her human intelligence to decide on what is suitable for her consumption. The doubting of God’s Word, character, and wisdom all come together as Eve partakes in the fruit with her husband. Although Eve was deceived, Adam fully disobeyed God’s commands and in doing so, cursed mankind.  

As Christians, we must always be wary of losing our trust in God. Life will be difficult at times, and God’s faithfulness will seem fleeting, but we can hold fast to the fact that God disposed of all doubt in his Word, character, and wisdom through the life and death of Jesus Christ. God fulfilled numerous prophecies and cemented the inerrancy of scripture through Christ. (Isaiah 53:5-12 is one of many) Additionally, the solution for the salvation of sinners showcases the wisdom and character of God. The gospel being an answer that only God could accomplish while staying constant in his justice and his mercy.  

Trust in God is a key component of life for every Christian. As we see the consequences of Eve’s loss of trust in God’s Word, wisdom, and character, let us take heed of her mistakes and strive for wholehearted commitment with God. We can do so by first seeking the truth through scripture. God’s word contains not only his very clear commandments, but also the showcasing of his perfect wisdom and character. Secondly let us always keep in mind the gospel, and trust that the God who sacrificed his son for the sake of sinners will be eternally working all things for our good.   

12.4.2020 Fall 2020 Week Nine

Mark Kaneshiro


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