Comfort in Sovereignty

As a child, the sovereignty of God was a vague concept that simply served to bring attention to the power of God –that is, He created the universe and exercises control over it. It wasn’t until these recent years (especially with all the preaching in Job) that I came to understand how agreeable  that truth can be, and the amount of comfort that can be found there. I appreciate Psalm 115 because of the way it presents the sovereignty of God in a way that calls us to trust in and worship Him for His “Godness”.

“Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases.” I love this verse because of the simplicity yet strength of the emphasis. To me, this is the crux of the entire psalm: the God we worship is not only beyond our human perceptions, but more importantly in His sovereignty He does what He enjoys. After understanding that the Lord takes pleasure in what is good, righteous, and perfect, the verse is all the more reassuring. In His omnipotent authority, God’s orchestrations are ultimately good, as that is what He delights in, meaning that for the Christian, all things that happen are for our good. So, while Zoom classes and the current state of the university may be a disappointing reality for some, we need to realize that God’s plan has already accounted for this and is known to be good for us. This reminds me of Romans 8:28  while bringing to the forefront of the mind the idea of sovereignty. The idea that God is our help and our shield, as stated in verses 9-11, stems from the fact that the sovereign God does what pleases Him. Thus, the psalmist says, we trust Him for His sovereign power, which is expressed as praise.

This psalm speaks perfectly to me not only in my own circumstances but also with regards to the larger issues that surround us. The sovereignty of God exerts control over all things, ranging from my pre-med pursuits to the political and environmental issues raging across the country right now. It may be easy to despair in a time when Christianity may be ridiculed as medieval and backwards, and more so especially with the current battles the church is facing and will face in the years to come, but we know that our God is a living God who works righteously and all-powerfully – and that is enough.

10.2.2020 Fall 2020 Week Zero

Justin Lau

Firm Convictions


Friday Night Devotional by Will Chen, 4/15/16

Truth is objective. We believe this wholeheartedly as Christians. The Word of God is intrinsically true and needs no additional validation for its veracity. We must have this conviction as we are inundated with worldly opinions, especially at a college campus. But how is it that truth actually affects our lives? Is it enough to know bible verses, doctrine, and theology? Is the sum of the Christian life simply knowing about the objective truths of Scripture?

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Do You Pray?


Friday Night Devotional by David Chow, 4/1/2016

Penned in his famous booklet, “A Call To Prayer,” J.C. Ryle asks the reader again and again three simple words, “DO YOU PRAY?” He goes on to emphasize the importance of prayer as absolutely needful to a man’s salvation, as one of the surest marks of a true Christian, as a source of great encouragement, as the secret of eminent holiness, and as one of the best means of happiness and contentment. He also states that there is no spiritual activity more neglected than prayer and to neglect it is one great cause of spiritual backsliding. If prayer is so important to the Christian life, then stop and ask yourself the question, DO YOU PRAY?

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The Power of Prayer


Friday Night Devotional by Michael Teng, 3/5/16

When we think about examples of the effective power of prayer, it is difficult not to think of the miraculous life of Elijah. Elijah was a prophet who prayed often and prayed boldly for God’s power to be revealed. As a result, his ministry was marked by miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle. Some of these miracles included resurrecting people from the dead, calling down fire from heaven, supernatural provision of food, and parting of the Jordan river. Above all, Elijah was one of the only people in history never to taste death, and was brought directly to heaven in a whirlwind (1 & 2 Kings). Often when we read about Elijah, we are left wondering what kind of unique and pious man he had to be for these miracles to occur.

However, James almost underwhelmingly states: “Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly…” (James 5:17)

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Tossed To and Fro


Friday Night Devotional by David Chow, 2/26/16

Have you ever been on a boat hit by heavy waves, or in a car during a blizzard where the wind pushed the vehicle side to side? I have been in both situations and it is as if I had no control of my life whatsoever. One moment I was being pushed to the right and the next pulled to the left. During both situations I attempted to do whatever I could to be planted to the ground, to be stable and to not sway.

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The Greatest Story Ever Told


Friday Night Devotional by William Kwok, 2/19/2016

Although there are many narratives in the Bible, there is one central underlying story that ties all the different threads of Scripture together. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture reveals the story of God’s purpose and plan for redeeming mankind from sin.

The story begins with Creation and the Fall, as Scripture describes how God created the entire universe in six days. After creating everything, God observes His creation and He declares that it is good. However things soon change when Adam disobeys and sins against God. This results in all of creation being corrupted by sin.

However, God did not leave us without hope.

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Blessed is the Man…


Friday Night Devotional by Daniel Stevens, 2/12/16

What is the happy life? It’s a question raised by philosophers and theologians, economists and politicians. And really, it’s a question that everyone tries to answer. The major you pick, the job you pursue, the relationships you form – all of it is an attempt to find the happy life. All of it is an attempt to find what the right combination of things in this world is so that you can be happy.

But what does Scripture say the happy life is? What, in the words of God, makes for a happy human life?

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Making Time to Pray


Friday Night Devotional by Kevin Nishinaga, 2/5/2016

Are you busy? Too busy to pray? You probably wouldn’t say that out loud, but what do your prayer habits demonstrate? Consider Christ’s example:

“But the news about Him was spreading even farther, and large crowds were gathering to hear Him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” (Luke 5:16, NASB)

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