Testimony of the Week – Leo Sum


Leo is a third year civil engineering major who enjoys searing steaks, baking potatoes, boiling homemade soup, and frying crabs. Two-time participant in the Spartan Race, Leo also delights in exercising: hiking, sprint workouts, or simply jogging around the UCLA perimeter. Occasionally, he takes pleasure in hand-lettering and card-making for his friends and family.

I was raised in a family with no religious affiliation. From birth all through high school, I had heard many Old Testament stories shared in bits and pieces, but had never been exposed to the Gospel. In retrospect, I never came to doubt the existence of a God, but possessed a misconception of one. As a kid, I believed that the longer I worshipped this statue sitting in the corner of my house, whom I called God, the greater the benefits to my grades, relationships, and popularity.

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Testimony of the Week – Jenny Cheng


Jenny is a second-year physiological science major who enjoys taking walks and eating avocado.

Reflecting on my life, I can see God’s grace and sovereign hand at work for His glory and for my good. Praise God for His ability to save even the most wretched sinners!

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Testimony of the Week – Justin Yu


       Justin is a second year, soon to be Physiological Sciences major. 

        As I look back on my life, short as it is, all I can recount is grace. God’s lovingkindness, from as early as I can remember, is wonderfully apparent in every part of my life. Praise God that He has granted me salvation through His Son Jesus Christ and allowed me to worship Him, as I was created to be!

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Testimony of the Week – Rachel Tu


The lyrics from “All I Have Is Christ” so accurately describe the ignorance of my life before college, heart transformation in college, and current sanctification (of which I am an undeserved recipient).

I once was lost in darkest night Yet thought I knew the way

The sin that promised joy and life Had led me to the grave

I had no hope that You would own A rebel to Your will

And if You had not loved me first I would refuse You still

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